What we are

StatNames is created for professional webmasters seeking useful SEO tools to obtain detailed website information for more efficient projects promotion. We offer a huge database of unbelievable website quantity making it possible to study the market and know what it takes to be #1 in the niche that you are interested in. Examine your competitors, seek new trends and parse all the information that you need to succeed online.

We work hard to keep the service live and prosperous with numerous SE tools digging tons of useful online statistics for better understanding of what is going on online.

What we do

Our Primary Goal is providing easy access to the website related data taken from all over the world and thoroughly analyzed for your convenience. StatNames works to provide every webmaster with full analysis, classification and specific information which becomes available by selecting what you aim for in the number of SE tools we offer. The results you receive are always targeted at providing accurate data which can be further used for developing and promoting your online projects.

How we do it

The secret lies in the unique technology which helps to find, collect and process huge amounts of received data from more than 20+ API sources. The results as you might assume are stored in the database and are available for every webmaster to use. It is easy to search and find what you want as all the information is carefully sorted in the corresponding categories.

You can be sure that frequent updates are delivering nothing but qualitative system upgrade with lots of up-to-date data collected from the whole web.